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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Handmade flower using my own designed stamps

Hello friends, today i am super excited to share my happiness with you all. I was so much obsessed with the red carpet of gulmohar flowers outside my home that i decided to make my own gulmohar flowers.
I took the flower and observed it in terms of the shape,  shade and the curves and tried to mimic it. I used my own photopolymer clear stamp making machine for this.
Sorry i am not revealing the stamp here but planning to launch it with my copyright.
But yes yes would love to share the flower i made. I was not getting any good option related to the pollens but i am thankful to Rajni mam for helping me out.
Here goes my own gulmohar flower.

Sorry for low light but was not able to show the impressions under flash light. Will update pics in natural light soon.
Hope you craft people will like it.

Thank you,

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