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Friday, September 4, 2015

Upcycling at its best-2

Hello people,
As promised am back to show you what I did to my broken painting frame. Well frame was intact but glass got broken while shifting. I had a bag full of toilet tissue roll's left over cardboard rolls. My home walls are light yellow so I selected blue and black shade for my project. I colored the roll with blue Asian paint on outer side and black Asian paint from inside. Once dried I cut the roll into 5 pieces. You will get an eye shape piece. Make as many as u want for the design. Colored the inside of frame also in blue shade. I drew design on white sheet and placed the rolls over the design and joined all the rolls using hot glue gun. Made swirls from blue craft sheet. Once complete design is ready attached it to the frame and secured it with glue gun. Attached small mirrors to enhance the beauty.The single flower is rose which was extra while I made my last project" up cycling at its best". The butterflies are a gift from my aunt.  Its interesting to know that the butterflies are handmade from some birds feathers.

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Hope you all had fun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Upcycling at its best

Hello crafty goddesses,

 Well after shifting to new city it took time to get used to routine but once all set was left with empty packaging boxes and one of my frame which got broken while shifting. Wanted to use the boxes as well as the painting frame. As I was an art and craft teacher I had collected so many things for my students but had a pregnancy break. So I decided to open my treasure box, where I found so many waste CDs and craft sheets of beautiful shades. Almost thought for few days what to make. Finally decided to make a photo frame to keep family photograph.
Check out my next post tomorrow to see what I did to my broken painting frame.
I wanted a round frame so used complete box to draw two circles of 30 cm. From one circle I cut out a smaller circle of around 20 cms. So I was left with a 30 cm circle and 10 cm circular frame. Now cut 2cm circular rim but measuring from outside to keep in between two circular pieces so you will have space to insert photograph. It will be like a slit we have in all readymade photoframes. I took almost 3-4 old newspaper, tore it into small pieces and covered the cardboard box with 3 layers of paper pieces. You need patience as each layer takes few hours to dry completely. Once dried I used black Asian paint to color the complete frame. By the time color dried I used scissors to cut the CDs into small pieces. You need sharp scissors yo cut the CD or it will get cracks and CD pieces will not look like mirror. Now I applied fevicol mr to the 10 cm circular rim and started arranging the CD pieces. Later I took cherry red craft sheet and cut it into several small squares to make rolled flower. I make around 40 flowers. I stuck the flowers to outer rim using hot glue gun. And 12 to internal rim. Sorry was not able to take stepwise pics but have tried to explain it as much as possible. Finally I took dark and light pink woolen treads, rolled both around and tied a knot and used hot glue gun to adhere it on backside of frame.

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