Sunday, May 13, 2018

Decoupage tea coasters

Hello friends,
Hope you all having a great weekend with your mom's.
Well today I have something I made for my mom.
She likes peacock a lot so got the peacock feathers printed on 180 gsm papers. 
I started by painting the raw mdf coasters with green metallic paint I got from local store.
Once dry I generously applied modpodge and adhered the feather printed paper over the coaster.
Repeat the process for all coasters.
Allow it to dry.
Once dried I used Asian paints clear varnish to coat the coasters to make them waterproof.
I applied 2 laters of varnish, but make sure first coat has dried completely before applying 2nd coat.

Once thevarnish dries you can see coasters shining like glass. I hope you can see the shine in above pic. 
That's it, my coasters are ready.
Hope you all like it.

Happy Mother's day to all lovely mothers out there.

Thank You.

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