Saturday, February 24, 2018

Elegant Ring platter

Hello friends,
Today i am showcasing a ring platter which was a challenge for me. One of my friend just sent me a pic from Pinterest that she wants similar ring platter and that too in such a short span.
But was really happy to see her smiling and satisfied face.

Ok let's have a look at the ring platter.
I have not taken step wise pics but will surely explain the process.

First I took circular plywood. Coated it with white acrylic paint and then covered it with baby pink silk cloth. I used silicone glue from itsybitsy. It's a super glue.

Then I took black chipboard and rolled it and covered it too with silk cloth.
Later I adhered the circular piece to plywood to form the platform.

I covered the circular piece with a slight bigger diameter chipboard so that the ring holders and the couple could be rested over it.

I used kitchen tissue roll for the pillars of ring holders and the couple.

Repeated the same process of covering them with silk cloth.

Once all parts were ready I started forming the structure and made tulle with a lighter shade net cloth and attached on the rims as seen in pic.

Used half pearls to give a bit elegant look.

I covered normal sponge with silk cloth and adhered it to the holder with silicone glue.

For the backdrop,I first took a chipboard strip and covered it with golden lace. Folder the ends and inserted inside the circular platform.

Created plits in the net and then attached it the chipboard.

Decorated the backdrop with artificial golden flowers.

Few pics of platter when in the making

Hope I explained properly and you must have liked the end result as much as

Thank you,

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